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As seen on TV!!!!

Oh yes, it is true! While in the States and many other countries the raw food community has already attracted considerable media attention, here in Quebec we are just arriving at the door step of recognition. Even though our meetup group currently has 220 members ( and those are just the brave ones who actually are driven to be a part of our group) I know that there are many, many more of you who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of feeding their bodies plastic, genetically engineered so called “foods” and are embarking on a more enlightening adventure of raw, living, vegan foods.

Spread the world yourself if you can! We can definetely use more exposure so that we can enlighten more people, so that we can help more children to grow up as healthier and happier adults. Not to mention making our footprint on this earth much, much lighter!!!

Enjoy this short clip featuring the best of the best in Montreal, including our Raw Diva, Tera Warner.

To watch the video click here!


The Best Thing About Raw Food ~ The Video!!

Now, you do not have to be 100%, or as a matter of fact any percentage of raw food eater to be able to answer this question. If you have ever tasted a delicious raw, vegan dish, you will instantly have a reaction to it. The colour, the taste, the texture, the different shapes…

Our multi talented web wizard pointed his camera at the lovely folks who attended our potluck on the very special date of February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and quite a few of them opened up their hearts and shared their experiences to give their feedback on this burning question. What came out of it as a result is a fascinating collage of insights. Thanks to you all for sharing your personal stories with us!

Oh, and you will have a glimpse of some pretty fancy dancing steps at the very end, make sure you watch the video till the very end!

Rawk on,


Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day with some fellow raw foodists!

heartlIt is that time again, even though it is still cold outside and icy sidewalks and cold winds keep us bundled up for most of the time.

We will be meeting once again for our raw food potluck at 5811 Christophe Colombe ( corner of Rosemont) on the 14th of February at 5:30pm. I know it takes a lot of determination and preparation to make it to these suppers on winter days like this, but hey, it is going to be well worth it. There is no other place like this in the city where you can enjoy raw gourmet dishes and have lively, stimulating conversations with like-minded people.

The rules will be the same as usual. There is a 5 dollars charge to participate in the potluck. Each participant is required to bring a raw, vegan dish to share. If you bring guests, please make sure that they know about this as well. If you are stuck for ideas as for what to bring, I have uploaded some simple recipes that anyone can prepare and they all only require a food processor. Visit our meetup site, join for free, and you will have access to these wonderful recipes right away:

As we are celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, it will be a great time for all of us to reflect on the love we feel towards people that are closest to us, friends, neighbours and let’s not forget ourselves as well! We can revisit our relationship we have to our food, the love we are eminating everytime we prepare food, wash our veggies and fruits. By the way, when was the last time you expressed your love towards your fridge???  ( I am joking, well, not really; just think of all the goodies we stuff in the poor thing and just keep ignoring it if only for the few minutes when we open and close its door)

Let love fill every single minute of your days!

Give a smile to someone today, express your love as many time as you can and you might just have more love coming back to you than you can handle.

Looking forward to seeing you at our potluck!!!!

With love!


The Montreal Raw Food Potluck is where it’s at!

Raw Potluck FoodIf you are new to this site but have been trying out the raw food diet for a while, you will be happy to know that you can become part of an amazing group of people here in Montreal. The raw food potlucks have been going on in different forms and organized by different people for quite a while and the reason for it is that we all need support. No matter how many books you have read or courses you attended, there is nothing like sharing your successes and failures with real people in a laid back and very supportive environment. Let’s face it, even though many gurus have been chanting the same “ it is so easy to be raw” in real life situations we are faced with quite the opposite. Just walking down any busy, commercial street in Montreal you face signs and ads for coffee, donoughts, burgers and fries… should I go on? I guess you get my message.

I know, it would be much better just to go and live in a raw vegan community, and trust me, it has crossed my mind already. Personally, when I am faced with a difficult food related or socially related situation I just remind myself that just because the majority of the people believe in consuming sugar and processed foods on a regular basis (let’s just mention the worst of the evils out there) it does not necessarily mean that it is the best for our health.

Attending potlucks, raw food festivals, and talks is just a really simple and one of the greatest ways to reinforce our original intent of becoming healthier, more vibrant human beings. Talking with likeminded people is exciting and inspiring. Learning new tricks of the trade regarding recipes and food preparation is a complete delight and a really valuable bonus.

I personally love seeing whole families at these events. Where else could a child see so many people enjoying delicious raw food dishes. Well, maybe in a raw food café or restaurant, of which for now we only have one, a juice bar that is run by the lovely people of Crudessence.

I know that each and every one of you has something to offer to the Montreal Raw Food community. Maybe you even have what it takes to start your own raw food group or potluck get together. No matter how small the contribution that you will make, it will be exactly what we need to create our vibrant Montreal Raw Food Community.

Our next potluck is going to be on the 10th of January, we will have the pleasure to present a very special lecturer to you. Dr Adiel Tel-Oren will be talking about the most burning questions on every raw foodist’s mind: do we need to supplement Vitamin D and B12, just to give you a little tease. This is going to be a potluck that you will truly not want to miss and if you have any friends who are concerned about their health (even if they are not raw foodists yet) you might just want to bring them with you.

For more info visit our meetup site at: (you can instantly become a member and it will cost you nothing)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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